Kitchen Ooppss

It’s been about 3 months since I started my blog; a pretty long time. A lot of things have happened since then. There have been a lot of funny experiences happening in the kitchen of the 414 (what my house is known as). My room mates are pretty good, well two of them, cooks. The last one…. well… I hope you get some enjoyment out of these stories. Yes, I will be writing about my kitchen troubles as well.

One time I wanted to try out a new recipe I found. The recipe was for Snickerdoodle muffins and you can find it in my post about My Favorite College-Friendly Recipes. I made the batter and put my Disney Princess muffins liners in the pan. I only had one muffin pan that had the standard 12 spots. I don’t know if I wasn’t thinking that day or what, but I filled the muffin spots to the top. BIG MISTAKE. I checked on my muffins and saw batter everywhere! The batter had leaked all over the pan and off the pan onto the oven rack then the oven started to smell like it was on fire. It was horrible. It was impossible to get  my muffins out of the pan since they had spilled over so I just ended up with big chunks of muffins, but at least they were delicious.

I have also burned countless things, such as rice, grilled cheese, hamburger buns in the toaster oven, popcorn and more. Oh well.

My roommate Molly is notorious for her lack of cooking skills. We politely decline her offer when she tries to cook. Sorry, Molls. She has burned countless grilled cheese sandwichs, and I mean countless. One night it was just me and her at home for dinner. Yes, me and my three other roommates try and eat dinner together every night. I was at Franklin Hall working on the Bateman Competition for PRSSA Kent when she texted me about dinner. She asked if she should just throw the pizza in the oven, and I said that sounds great, thinking in my head she can’t mess this up. I get home about 20 minutes after she said she put the pizza in the oven and asked her how it was going. She said everything was good. Another 20 minutes goes by and I asked her how the pizza was going. She said the cheese isn’t melting I think it’s because I put on too much extra cheese. So another 10 minutes goes by, I check on it and realize she never turned the oven on. Hahaha!

One day I was at my house just hanging out when I see my boyfriend is calling. We start a small conversation and talk for about 5 minutes when he says “Hey, I have a question?” I was like Okay. He proceeds to ask me how to make Hamburger Helper and describes about 5 different type pans wanting to know what one to cook it in. I was like “Ryan, really? The directions are on the back of the box!” Well, he messed it up somehow and couldn’t eat it. He is still waiting for me to give him a lesson on cooking Hamburger Helper. You can bet he will never be surprising me with a romantic home-cooked dinner.

These are just a few of the funny cooking mishaps that happen in my life. Please feel free to share yours. I love a good laugh!



6 thoughts on “Kitchen Ooppss

  1. Well Taylor, I may have told you this story but when I was in Junior High my friend and I were making peanut brittle at her house. Using a plastic spoon to stir the peanut brittle on top of the stove my friend starts to notice the spoon is feeling funny. She pulls it out and realizes it melted into the peanut brittle! Back in the 70’s we didn’t have the heat resistant spoons like available now a days!! 🙂

  2. My mom and I baked Christmas cookies together this past year, and after we were done, she kept commenting about how “we” messed up so many recipes. I don’t know where this “we” business came from! She was the one who kept messing up! She started to double a recipe then forgot what she was doing, and only doubled the butter. Or she, oops, put in an extra egg. Or this, or that. The cookies still tasted ok…for the most part. The batch with double butter was a little like chewing on a shoe. But it was fun baking with her!

  3. My friends and family say I am the worst. And coming from an Italian family, you would think I have some skills in me. But anything that has to do with cooking is not for me. I sound just like your room mate. The one story that is always brought up is when I tried to make grilled cheese. I couldn’t figure out which way to cook it, and I burnt it as well. Now I don’t make anything besides Ramen noodles and mac n’ cheese.

  4. My friends and family say I am the worst. And coming from a big Italian family, you would think I would have some skills in me. But anything that has to do with cooking, I stay away from. Grilled cheese just seems like bad luck. I had a hard time cooking it and burnt it as well. Now the most difficult things I cook are Ramen noodles and mac n’ cheese.

  5. Wow, I’m glad to see that there is a blog out there for bad cooking experiences! haha! I could write a book on my experiences alone. I’m always trying new things, mostly to save time. I live by myself so whenever I cook something, I’ll be eating it for a few days. My most memorable story was when I attempted to make an “American” dish for my Russian neighbors. I was making homemade mac and cheese with grilled chicken on top of it with a little red pepper in it as well. How could you mess this up….I have no idea, and I made it all the time. Some how I forgot to add the butter so the noodles stuck together and the bottom of the dish was burnt. It was a disaster. I was to embarrassed to serve that so it was plan B time. We ended up grilling hamburgs and hot dogs on the grill with sweetcorn to go on the side. It turned out just fine. Thank god! It’s mortifying when you have to cook for new friends but in the end it was a great conversation starter.

  6. I can totally relate to having mishaps in the kitchen. I tried to bake non-fat pumpkin muffin’s and also overfilled he cupcake things, leaving nonfat muffin batter all over my over. My mother (who burns water on a regular basis) was furious and attempted to ban me from the kitchen, but eventually I got the recipe right and they were delicious.

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