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College Cooking Tips

Everyone loves tips. Whether they are tips to save money, tips for exercising, tips on what professors to pick for your classes or whatever kind of tips you need. Since most college students may not be extremely comfortable in the kitchen yet, I have decided to pass along some tips I find helpful. Below you … Continue reading

How Different Media Has Influenced Recipe Sharing

If you couldn’t tell from my blog, cooking is something that I am extremely passionate about. In this post, I want to talk about how cooking is related to one of my other passions, public relations. Traditional and nontraditional media is a big component of public relations. As many of you know, the media is … Continue reading

Cooking Terms for College Dummies

Just like all other activities, cooking has its own lingo. There are so many different cooking terms out there that describe different ways to cut or measure things, and then there are abbreviations for all of those terms! Sometimes cooking lingo can be a little bit confusing for beginners, but never fear, this post will … Continue reading

My Favorite College-Kid Friendly Recipes

Everyone has a favorite food they like to eat, and every cook has a favorite recipe they like to make. As I spend more time in the kitchen, I find I like to make certain foods more than others. In fact, I would prefer to bake rather than cook, but unfortunately, cupcakes and cookies aren’t … Continue reading